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Achieving a dream, for you Dad

It'll be almost four years since I lost my Dad to brain cancer. In the nine short months between his diagnosis and death, I experienced things that would change my life forever. First I learned that the love you have for your family surpasses everything and there is nothing you wouldn't do to comfort them. In my dad's final days, we reversed roles and I became his caregiver, just as he was for me when I was an infant. I fed him, brushed his teeth, helped him to the restroom, massaged his feet, and gently wheeled him back and forth across the room to calm him in his agitated state. I learned that I am strong enough and brave enough to face any situation. I also learned that none of us are immune to this kind of loss, though we may think we are. I never thought I would have to experience this, but I did. Above all, I have learned that none of us can predict our future and we need to take advantage of the precious time we have on this earth. After Dad died I began to take stock of my life and ask myself what I wanted to achieve in my lifetime. I had always dreamed that one day I would open a little boutique, so I began to think more about that. What kind of boutique? I loved shopping for my children's clothes....the fun, cute, pattered fabrics, buttons and bows, the little shoes. And the idea was born! Can I really do this? With a little inspiration from above, I think I can..


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