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An incredible year!

Its seems unbelievable that a year has almost past since we opened for business on March 23rd, 2018! We have learned so much and continue to learn and grow as our business evolves. We have met and formed friendships with so many wonderful people who have helped us grow by continuing to support us...we are truly grateful for those of you! This has been by far one of the most stressful, yet rewarding years of my life. My prayer is that we can continue to be profitable and serve our community in the months and years to come...


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What the???

We were definitely not prepared for what March and April of 2020 would bring. Almost overnight we had to restructure how our business would operate, not knowing if we would survive at all. Having to c


Ahhhh...I'm so happy that summer is finally here. As I write this post it is 85 degrees and sunny! Some of you may know that Addie left for Italy at the beginning of this month to be an aupair, which

Achieving a dream, for you Dad

It'll be almost four years since I lost my Dad to brain cancer. In the nine short months between his diagnosis and death, I experienced things that would change my life forever. First I learned that

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