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Ahhhh...I'm so happy that summer is finally here. As I write this post it is 85 degrees and sunny! Some of you may know that Addie left for Italy at the beginning of this month to be an aupair, which is an American nanny. She had worked for this family two summers ago (before we had the store) and they asked if she could return this summer to watch their two adorable boys, Thomasso and Simone, ages 11 and 9. She was worried about leaving me here to run the store by myself, but I told her that she had to go back. How often do you get these incredible experiences in life? She is having a wonderful time immersing herself in Italian culture and even learning some of the language. I love getting her photos and messages that she sends me everyday. She will return at the end of August, just in time to help me break in our new computer software program to help us track consignments (no more paper & pen!) Happy summer everyone!


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