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What the???

We were definitely not prepared for what March and April of 2020 would bring. Almost overnight we had to restructure how our business would operate, not knowing if we would survive at all. Having to close our doors has had a devastating impact many small businesses, especially those who are still considered to be in "start up mode". Fortunately, we've had so much generous support from our landlord who reduced our rental payments to our loyal customers, who continued to shop with us through our Facebook page and send us so many encouraging and kind words. All of you made such a huge difference in keeping our spirits up through this rough time. We reopened our doors on May 12th and we've had record breaking sales! Although we're not out of the woods yet, we do feel confident that we will not only survive but we will thrive because of our wonderful community of customers and consignors. We are so incredibly grateful to all of you and wish you all good health and happy summer!


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